Housing Support

Our Supporting People housing-related services are aimed at helping people to live independently in their own home.

It includes helping people with:

Personal safety and security in the home, managing money, claiming benefits, learning domestic and/or social skills, advice on home improvements, dealing with other people and professionals, neighbour disputes, moving to more independent accommodation.

Information regarding funding of such services is available from the website  www.iwight.com/supportingpeople. You can telephone 01983 823345 or email supportingpeople@iow.gov.uk

At Milford Del Support Agency Ltd. the actual support you can receive will vary according to your individual needs and will always be ‘person centered’ that is provided flexibly and in a way that meets your individual needs.

We can provide the support in your own home or in the community and we will always try to ensure that you have the same support worker throughout the provision of support by us.

Our statements contained within the Personal care section of our website apply equally to the quality of service we provide in housing related support.

All our support service users have a full support plan, agreed with them, at the outset of their support from us and will have a copy of our Support Service Users’ Guide.

Milford Del Support Agency Ltd. Charter of Rights

The principles on which Milford Del operates are based on ensuring that you, your family and representatives are at all times treated with respect and dignity. As such, you the service user have the right to:

1. Receive information regarding the details of your support plan.

2. Know the name of your support worker and the time your support worker will visit.

3. Refuse entry to anyone who does not produce a form of identity when requested.

4. Receive an initial visit from a representative of our company to discuss your support needs and answer any queries.

5. Be actively involved in any discussions and/or decisions relating to your support needs.

6. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any queries.

7. Receive a copy of our complaints procedure.

8. Feel at liberty to make a complaint about the support worker or any of our services.

9. Be protected from abuse, harm or exploitation.

10. Have access to any records which directly relate to your support needs.

11. Expect a response within 48 hours if you request a change in your service.

12. Expect your confidentiality to be respected (in accordance with Milford Del’s confidentiality policy)

13. Initiate a review at any time.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact our office and speak with Vicky who can advise you about housing related support.