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Our transformation commitment

Participation - we promise to improve how we involve you in your services. Become a Care Guru and help us to improve services, but also support us to go further and work with other providers and bodies on the Isle of Wight and Hampshire to invent new opportunities that benefit you and others. Become a Care Guru: 

Specialising to your needs - We promise to develop an MDT of clinical experts to support us to give you the most bespoke and specialist advice to you and the teams who support you. We are committed to increasing the level of training that staff have to support you.

Leadership - We promise to increase our leadership team with skilled professionals who care about your progress and are able to support your teams to grow and develop with you to ensure a culture of continuous high quality. 

Accountability - We promise to be accountable and open when things don't go to plan. We will increase opportunities for staff to escalate concerns and to be supported to grow and develop in a transparent culture. 

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