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St Peters View

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The Amenities

Each flat at St. Peter's View features a private kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living space that tenants can personalise with their own furniture, decor, and some of our tenants have chosen to have pets too.


The property also boasts a large communal garden, complete with ramps for easy accessibility, that is perfect for hosting barbeques, events, and parties. A summer house is available for tenants to enjoy some indoor space within the garden. Additionally, some of the properties have individual garden areas with chairs and sheds, providing even more outdoor space for relaxation and recreation. There is also a garden out front of the property with seating, ideal for enjoying the sunshine.

What is St Peter's View?

St. Peter's View is a community property consisting of 8 converted flats where people supported who require assistance with daily living reside. Our properties provides a supportive environment for those who require adapted environments but want to live alone.


Each flat is customised to meet the unique needs of our tenants. Our specialised core and targeted staffing is available 24/7 to provide assistance and support whenever needed. 

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