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  • Jamie Mansfield

MilFest: A Heartwarming Event for all who attended.

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Bringing Joy and Inclusivity to Those Who Couldn't Attend the Isle of Wight Festival

What is MilFest?

Here at Milford Del, we deeply understand the importance of creating opportunities for connection and enjoyment for our clients, this is why we recently hosted a special event called "MilFest" for our clients and some of the employees of Milford Del. MilFest was our version of the infamous Isle of Wight Festival. Our goal was to offer a memorable experience for those who were unable to attend the Isle of Wight Festival.

A Day Filled with Fun Activities:

Everyone involved went above and beyond to create an engaging and entertaining atmosphere at MilFest. Guests enjoyed a variety of exciting activities, including various games designed to foster interaction and camaraderie. Music filled the air throughout the event, encouraging attendees to dance, sing, or simply enjoy the atmosphere.

Refreshments were available to keep everyone hydrated and energized, but the true highlight of the day was the family-style BBQ. This communal meal allowed guests to bond over delicious food and engaging conversation, furthering a sense of connection among attendees.

The Success of MilFest:

MilFest was undoubtedly a success on multiple levels. The event provided a much-needed opportunity for our clients to experience a sense of belonging and inclusion. By organizing an event specifically tailored to their needs and abilities, we demonstrated our commitment to fostering a supportive community.

Furthermore, the event served to strengthen relationships between the residents of Seagables Residential property, their s, and our support agency. This collaboration contributed to a nurturing environment in which everyone could feel valued and appreciated.

MilFest and it's future:

The success of MilFest serves as a shining example of how thoughtful event planning and execution can make a significant difference in the lives individuals and those who care for them. By focusing on inclusivity, enjoyment, and fostering a sense of community, our agency and our team of Support workers were able to create lasting memories for all who attended. We look forward to organizing future events and continuing to make a positive impact on our inspiring community.

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